Owners of single aircraft and fleets across Quebec will be more than satisfied with our services because we build on a relationship of trust: rapid & safe service, competitive pricing. That's what doing business with Harnois is all about.
Propriétaires d'avions ou d'hélicoptères privés
Owners of private airplanes or helicopters

Whether you are an amateur or professional pilot, it is important that your refuelling be done as quickly and safely as possible.

And with us, the agreement is simple and flexible: you call, we supply.

Propriétaire d'aéroport, d'école de parachutisme et pilotage
Owners of airports or flight schools

We deliver in bulk or drums to airport reservoirs across Quebec and in neighbouring provinces. We also offer ground fuelling services (into plane) at the St. Hubert, Wabush, Sept-Îles and Îles-de-la-Madeleine airports via our partner, Avtech.

If you do not have the necessary equipment for fuel storage, we can loan, rent or sell it to you.