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Carburants d'aviation avgas (100LL)
Avgas 100LL aircraft fuel

Avgas is designed for aircraft with reciprocating and piston engines.

If you fly for pleasure with a light aircraft or helicopter, this fuel is for you.

Carburéacteurs jet fuel A1
A1 jet fuel

A1 jet fuel is a kerosene-based fuel designed for jet-engine aircraft.

Fuel mainly for commercial use: from flight schools and airports to skydiving academies and establishments with fleets of aircraft.

Carburéacteurs jet fuel A1 avec additif (FSII)
A1 jet fuel with additives (FSII)

With A1 FSII jet fuel, you'll obtain the same product quality as A1 jet fuel, but with an antifreeze additive that prevents the formation of ice crystals in fuel lines.

Fuel used mainly in the commercial sector and for high-altitude aircraft in very cold climates.