Whether for your personal aircraft or commercial fleet, our lubricants are sure to meet your expectations. We are the official suppliers of Mobil™ lubricants in Quebec, offering a line of products that are resistant, reliable and well-known. Intense cold or sweltering heat? No problem at all with our lubricants: They are efficient and always allow for top performance.
Ils réduisent le risque de bris de vos appareils
Reduced risk of aircraft breakage

When there is friction on your aircraft's mechanical parts, they wear more quickly and you are forced to change them prematurely.

Prolong the life of your aircraft with proper lubrication of all components.

Ils augmentent la productivité de votre entreprise
Increased business productivity

Time is money. But when you have to handle, lubricate and change parts on your aircraft, your operations are interrupted.

With good lubricants, you will have more time to concentrate on what is truly important to your business.

Ils diminuent les risques de blessures
Lower risk of injury

Less maintenance = less handling. Mobil lubricants are highly resistant so you have to drain them less frequently.

This lowers the risk of injury for you and your entire team!